What is Mindful Essentrics?

What is Mindful Essentrics?

Want to Jump Start Your Health?

Mindful Essentrics stemmed from my own need for better health. Joint pain hit me early in life, but grew worse after fifteen years of sitting for a living. The absence of movement took a toll, as did other lifestyle choices. I was in need of a refresher on how to live a mindful, balanced life in a strong and able body. And, voila, Mindful Essentrics was born.

The goal is to provide you with an experience of self from deep within. It’s informed by the Four Pillars of Health, which are: nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress-management. Blending the aligning movements of Essentrics™ with moments of reflection and stillness, Mindful Essentrics will rebalance your body, unlock tight joints, decrease pain and improve your posture, while providing you with inner peace and wisdom.

Mindful Essentrics is about intelligent movement. It’s low-impact and suitable for every body. We never hold a pose. Instead, we are constantly moving. Elements of ballet and Pilates, help focus on strength and alignment. The slow, intentional Tai Chi-like movements work our connective tissue. The combination is what gives us shape, strength, length, increased tone and freedom of movement.

The format is semi-private with two students per class in a space that is personal, safe, and restorative. Private classes are an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the routine at your pace. The movements are not difficult, they’re unfamiliar. For this reason, the Introductory Package includes three private sessions along with a Healthy Habits Workbook. After three sessions, you may move onto semi-private, duets or continue working individually.

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