You Can Always Make More Cookies

You Can Always Make More Cookies

The best part about going home is seeing old friends. They are the ultimate container of love and acceptance.

Recently I stayed with a dear one.  Within minutes, we were camped in front of the fire gobbling down chocolate chip cookies. It wasn’t long before we started eye-balling the freshly made batch destined to her neighbor. My friend slyly noted that “it is two days past Christmas.” To which I replied, “And you can always make more cookies!” Our laughter thankfully distracted us enough to leave the tin alone.  What also remained was a new mantra for whenever something didn’t unfold as planned.

In an attempt to create structure in our lives, we often place limits on our selves and hold unrealistic expectations of others. It may be a subtle voice that says “it’s too late” or a belief that someone will never change. The good news is that it is rarely too late. Whether it be a mood, thought or flower – everything changes eventually.

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