What happens during an Essentrics® class?

Essentrics® is a rebalancing program that uses smooth, gentle movement. Think of it as a hybrid of Pilates, ballet, Tai Chi, and physiotherapy. It helps restore alignment and range of motion, while improving strength and flexibility. It’s ideal for those beginning to exercise after a long time away spent mostly seated. This type of movement isn’t a replacement for your favorite exercise or sport. It’s what you do, to keep doing what you love.

Why Essentrics®?

The real question is what gap can Essentrics® fill when so many modalities claim to give flexibility, strength, mobility and balance? Essentrics® is a versatile, scalable workout that stretches as we move, akin to a stretching meditation. It challenges the brain without requiring memorizing a routine, so students can join and start at any class. The workout can be done standing, on the floor, or using a barre/chair for help. There is no soreness after Essentrics® because we strengthen while rebalancing all 650 muscles from head to toe. While all methods may offer similar benefits, therefore, Essentrics® fills a gap that hasn’t been addressed.

What are the benefits of Essentrics®?

Essentrics® works the whole body. It tones the legs, liberates the hips and strengthens the back, which helps to relieve pain and tension. It firms the glutes, giving it lift and definition while supporting the lower back. Essentrics® slenderizes the waist and improves posture by unlocking tight muscles. Targeting both the small and large joints, it lubricates connective tissue, creating a youthful, limber feeling in the body. The standing routine improves balance and recalibrates proprioception. Additionally, it speeds-up recovery time by increasing blood flow and it enhances an overall sense of wellbeing.

Do I need to sign a contract to take a class?

The only commitment is to yourself. Everybody is unique. How long it takes to rebalance your body will depend on your needs. As for length of commitment, that depends on the individual. Some will restore alignment after a few sessions. Others will need months of Essentrics® to recover their range of motion. To get started, you’ll receive the best results coming twice a week. This allows you to get familiar with the routine. During that time, your body awareness will increase dramatically. From there, you decide what feels right. There is no contract or obligation.

What is a “Semi-Private” class?

Semi-private classes consist of one to three students. For those seeking the benefits of personal instruction at an affordable price, this is the best choice for you. The smaller format allows for individualized attention with the fun of group energy. Classes are about an hour long and highly adaptable, no matter your age, body type, or fitness level. We move with intention at all times, which allows you listen to your body better.

What is different about “Private Instruction?”

Private instruction allows you to work at your own pace. As your “aging coach,” my role is to help you deepen the benefits available through movement. You’ll learn how to recruit specific muscles to target imbalances. The focus is on technique, form and function. Each session is individualized. At the end, you’ll be given homework to further your goals and objectives.

Where are you located?

Essentrics with Kerry is located on a sunny, home studio in the heart of the Irvington neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.

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