Kind Words

Gentle, Wise Guidance

Many thanks! My body feels amazing after yesterday’s workout. You have created quite a sanctuary and clearly have many talents and healthy ways of moving through your life. I’m still reflecting on the gentle, wise guidance you provided. Know that your work is very meaningful and have inspired me to expand my exercise routines.

Carol Dell’Oliver, Portland


My body was feeling cranky and I realized ‘I need to see Kerry.’ Her classes are healing, rebalancing, empowering, personable, fun and informative. I highly recommend them!

I’m so grateful I found Kerry and Essentrics. It’s a kind of movement that is relaxing, strengthening and adjustable for all bodies, sizes and ages. It feels like the best of Pilates, dance, cardio and yoga all in one class, that is taught by an incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher who explains how bodies work, how to become more flexible, pain-free and relaxed. I leave each class standing taller and feeling more energetic.

– Sarah Pattee, Portland

Fun and Safe

Essentrics with Kerry, what a way to start your day! If you are fortunate enough to be reading this, sign-up. Kerry is a wonderful and thoughtful instructor who has an eye for those “little tweaks” that make a huge difference.  Kerry and her studio are a place of warmth, healing and gentleness. After my first class I felt my mood lighten, I smiled more and my body felt amazing. I try to go twice a week and already see improvements in posture and flexibility. Kerry makes it fun and safe – no body shaming or fat phobia. What a gift Kerry and her space are, I feel so thankful I’ve found this little healing spot!

– Mel D, OR

More Mindful

Doing these exercises has made me more mindful. I think that is a large part of improving posture, strength, and flexibility. Just the simple act of being aware, that in itself, is extremely important.

More Energy and Focus

I love Essentrics with Kerry and can honestly say I haven’t felt this good or slept this well in 20 years! I have more energy and focus during the day, and the usual aches and pains in my lower back and hips have almost completely dissolved, leaving a spring in my step. There is more space between my muscles, and I am certain that I am standing, sitting, walking and running with better alignment and posture. I truly feel the difference. Kerry has beautiful form and has a gentle but firm way of guiding the movement. She is a natural healer. She conveys a wealth of knowledge in very few words with grace and humor.

– Laurie Simpson, Portland

Walk Away Lighter

I’ve been struggling to find balance the last couple of months. I feel like I walked away feeling lighter and more free. Kerry is a truly amazing instructor.

– Steph F., Tualatin, OR

Wealth of Information

Essentrics with Kerry has truly become the highlight of my week. I leave every session feeling stronger, grateful and empowered. Kerry delivers a really great workout and a wealth of information – ensuring we understand the intention of our movement and its impact on our bodies. She is a total pro yet entirely personable, consistently fostering an environment that champions both focus and fun. Kerry’s classes offer the perfect balance of challenge and reward, physically and mentally. 

– Eileen Flynn, Portland, OR

Jolt of Pure Energy

You are always such a jolt of pure energy and support. What a pleasure to “know” you. 😊⚡🧡 Keep going and thank you!!! 🙌🙏👊

– Meg Feeney, Essentrics Master Teacher

Helpful and Encouraging

Exercise has always been a struggle for me, but then I discovered Essentrics and was drawn to its full body effect with gentle movements. So, I tried it on my own. Again, I got discouraged. I wasn’t able to do it like the videos or pictures and didn’t know if what I was doing would be effective. Thankfully, I found Kerry! Her understanding of Essentrics coupled with her attention, helpful tips and encouraging ways has made a huge difference for me. I am slowly and confidently finally gaining the strength and flexibility that Essentrics has to offer. 

– L. Wagner, Portland, OR

Lifted Higher

Thank you for sharing your infectious energy and showing how to walk gracefully through rocky paths. I am always a bit softer, lifted higher, more energized after hearing your perspectives!

– Katie Farmer

Calm Mentoring

Thank you for your calm mentoring with Essentrics. What is so nice for me is how you pay attention to each of us. You always catch my position errors and offer gentle corrections without calling me out. That is so helpful! You never push us beyond where we’re at the moment because you know we will improve. Plus it’s fun! I am grateful for finding this class and you.

– Maryann Hanlon, Portland, OR


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