I’m Growing to Thrive

I’m Growing to Thrive

Not long ago the struggle to do good and become more humane and understanding seemed to be on the rise. Although at times näive and self-serving, there was still an honest attempt to change the unnatural order of things and share the common knowledge acquired over centuries of pain and war. Now all too often, greed and a hard heart are badges of honor. But there continues a struggle thriving just beneath the surface. It is a struggle for respect, human decency, peace, and understanding.

Certain individuals and groups are engaged in the struggle to rediscover our world. They are struggling against terror, politics, despair, loss, limitations, disease, cruelty, and loneliness. To some the struggle is to find God, to others it is to deny God. Eyes open or closed, those who are searching can still see the light.

There is always a struggle not to be defined by our past or our occupation or our various personalities.  Yet there are those who want to know someone only by a single definition. They want to feel educated and informed while they remain ignorant of the nuances, the refractions, the poetry of being alive.

The Struggle is Real

The struggle is not linear, because life refuses to stay still. Sometimes, when suicide seems like the only answer, hope can walk in and shake us until we scream in glorious abandon and cry out “yes!” The struggle is to keep waiting, to believe in an unknown affirmation, to not surrender to the shadows.

In the midst of the struggle we must believe everything can be created and nothing can be destroyed. There are struggles to the death and struggles to live. There are struggles for possession and struggles to be free of them. There is the struggle for the first breath and a continuing struggle to stave off the last. Some struggles are more obvious than others – though there is not equating a piece of bread and a poem because each nourishes a different hunger.

The struggle does not have to be sad.  It can be hard and still joyous. The struggle is not over with accomplishment or attention. It silently grows. The seasons enrich it and it flowers in hope and belief. Lies and deceptions may feed on it and distort its intentions but the essence of the struggle will flourish and reveal a natural progression toward something real and undeniable.

The struggle is always to rise up the struggle and continue. And the priority is to remain human while struggling to become more.

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