Fuel for Life

Fuel for Life

The basic gifts of nature – water, sunlight, rest, movement, healthy foods and air – are the fuel for life. Without having to read it on-line or in a book, our grandparents were intuitively connected to these wellness building resources.

Unlike our elders, we can no longer take such things as a good night’s sleep or clean, uncontaminated drinking water for granted. To rediscover the basics, we have to seek nature out, unlearn bad habits, and reverse the damage caused by substances once thought harmless. (I’m talking to you, sugar!)

Use the following tips to get you back in flow with your innate wisdom:

  • As often as possible, drink filtered water. For bonus points, install a filter on your showerhead to avoid absorbing large amounts of chlorine.
  • Get your daily D, but do so wisely. An hour of sunlight is all you need. Just be sure to avoid peak hours.
  • Aim for eight hours of sleep. Think low-tech. Turn off your gadgets, draw the drapes and snuggle in with a boring book.
  • Move your body. Get outside and enjoy the original play-station:  bikes, swing-sets and good ol’ Mother Nature! If you aren’t able to get outside, do some yoga, chase your cat or get a rebounder and “jump around.”
  • Eat seasonally, cook from scratch and avoid foods treated with anything you can’t pronounce.
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