Being Vs. Doing

Being Vs. Doing

It’s easy to get caught up in the small, endless tasks of daily life. The ability to zero in and accomplish projects is both a human strength and weakness. On the one hand we get things done, while on the other we can turn ourselves into mindless, robots.

Tasks are simply a necessary part of life – nothing more, nothing less. Rarely do they further deeper awareness of our purpose in life. Be careful of the illusion of fulfillment tasks bring. Men are especially susceptible.

The next time you find yourself in “doing” mode, balance it out with a burst of “being.” Dance around with wild abandon. Contemplate the mystery of life. Laugh. Hug a loved one with all your heart and let yourself open completely to the feeling.

These few minutes of conscious expression will help you remember you are not a drone, destined to the drudgery of day to day duties. Tasks should free us to devote our life energy on what really matters – time with friends and family, reflection and creative expression, or whatever else speaks to your deepest purpose.

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