The Struggle

The Struggle

My niece asked me in earnest how I went about things before the Internet. I explained to her that it was a coupling of ignorance and need. I’d go the library, find what I could and wing the rest. As a result I was fearless at times and this carried over into other endeavors, opening doors otherwise shut by not knowing.

I asked if she ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of information available. Her response: “I do know if I do anything I’m unfamiliar with, I check Google for a ‘How To’ whether that’s a video or written instruction. I actually think people are more likely to go DIY, particular my age group.”

This sounds like the best of both worlds. Still, it makes me wonder if something is lost when the struggle is made easier. As a 28 year-old single homeowner, it was empowering for me to screw up and figure it out on the fly without waiting for AOL to dial up.

Then again, perhaps I’m being myopic.

Thanks to social media, large numbers of people are engaging in a collective struggle against doubt, shame and anxiety. They know how the mind, body and soul can be imprisoned and that ultimately the struggle for all is the struggle for freedom.

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