Build a Sacred Circle

Build a Sacred Circle

We are the sum total of the five closest people around us.”

I was young the first time I read that. It had quite an impact on me yet would take twenty years to put it into practice.

That’s because it takes courage and conviction and often requires weathering heroic storms of loneliness. But it’s worth it, because you are worth it.

Stand strong. Surround yourself with people who accept you fiercely while compassionately challenging your edge. Likewise, be a person who honors fear while lovingly encouraging beyond it.

And don’t let blood lines dictate your sacred circle. A “sister” may be a friend, a “brother” a neighbor. The basic criterion is that they have qualities you want and/or see in yourself.

If you don’t have five “closies” (yes, I just made that up), no worries. It only takes one or two good people to reflect the standard of excellence you want to set for yourself. The point is to be mindful of the energy that sounds you.

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