Soul Sisterhood

Soul Sisterhood

The importance of finding your tribe cannot be underestimated. True friends will set you straight, build you up and watch your back. Since the beginning of time women have bonded and formed community to inspire, motivate and help each other overcome and thrive.

The great gift of sisterhood is the phenomenal support it gives women. Who else can you share your secrets with and trust they’ll take them to the grave? Who else can you bounce an idea off of and have them just listen and explore it without getting irked if you don’t take their advice?

Or how about when life spins out of control and you start to act like your less-than-best-self and are on the edge of spiraling into an epic shame cycle? It’s your friends who catch you and hold you steady.

Friends provide perspective and peace, remind you that you’re not alone and, most importantly, who you really are.  More often than not, they do this while making you laugh. What a blessing.

Do yourself a favor and set the intention to celebrate the magic and wonder of female friendship this year. Make it a priority and watch your life blossom.

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