Create More Joy

Create More Joy

Want to know a secret short cut to creating more joy in your life? Be a light in another’s life. Compliment and give thanks as often as you can. Reflect back the beauty, strength, creativity and wisdom you see in others. Be specific. “You look amazing in that dress and it’s all in the way you own it!” A snap of the fingers is optional, though highly recommended.

Share a joke with a stranger while waiting for your next cup of something and get a natural burst of nitric oxide that turns on all your feel good hormones. Be a collector of what positivity researcher Barbara Fredrickson calls “micro-moments of love.”

Spreading joy is a spiritual practice and it takes a warrior’s heart to see the goodness in the world. But we must find the courage to do so for the world needs it more than ever. Be the shining light that ignites others and in doing so, you experience the joy of being lit within.

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