Want to Feel Empowered?

Want to Feel Empowered?

In Season 2, Episode 5 of Ted Lasso, there is a wonderful scene in which the complacent, soft-spoken Nathan is being schooled in assertiveness by two powerful women. He stands 5’4.”

The owner, Rebecca, is played by a towering Hannah Waddingham. Juno Temple plays her five-foot-two powerhouse publicist, Keeley.

Rebecca explains to Nathan that she “makes herself big” whenever she needs to command attention. “I put my arms in the air and I make myself as big as possible to feel my own power.” Nathan and Keely stare at her blankly. Exasperated, she gives them a demonstration.

Taking a deep inhale, Rebecca reaches down and rises to her full stature – a whopping 5’10”. She tops it all off with a fantastically ferocious Hindu Warrior face. As I watched her pull up and continue to rise, I thought “That’s Essentrics!”

The full body movements of Essentrics™ open the body while lengthening and strengthening. It’s fierce and empowering and in one swoop, Rebecca nailed it. The reaching and stretching movements of are amazing for your posture. You will feel taller and more aware of how your hold your body in space in yourself and in space.

In short, it makes you “big.”

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