Create Healthy Habits

Create Healthy Habits

Habit Evolution

The force that will mold, sculpt and shape your body and mind is the creation of healthy habits.

The habits you choose are either in alignment with health or not. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” When you mindfully culture wise choices your body wisdom deepens. Over time these repeated actions create your habit evolution.

As we age we should be refining our habits so that our actions are aligned with thriving health and ease of living. Instead, we have been lead to believe that degenerative disease is a given.

Every hero/heroines story has a journey. The theme is some kind of call to adventure. Along that trip the person undergoes various trials and tribulations, learning and growing with every step. Each of has our own “hero’s journey,” the nature of which is transformation.

Many of us want to be the best version of ourselves possible. We want to eat better, feel better and be better. The question of our own unique journey is whether or not we are willing to take it. The journey will change us, but at a costs. Health and vitality must be earned.

The journeyer sets out one step at a time. There is no other way. So often we set ourselves up for failure by wanting to make giant leaps and bounds. The endurance needed for such change is not sustainable. Real and lasting change occurs baby step by baby step.

What are the easiest, smallest, most underwhelming improvements you can commit to today that will get you to a better tomorrow? The beauty of baby steps is that you hardly notice change is happening. It feels more like a gently nudge in the direction you want to go and before you know it you’re there.

Changing Habits

Just about everything we do, think and feel is habit. Even our personality is mostly a collection of habits. By unlocking the code of habit, we discover the heart of self-mastery. Seeing our problems in life as habits instantly grants us the power to change them.

Change is falsely believed to be about character. We’ve all earnestly set about change only to have the old habit creep back in. The inability to create lasting change is not a fault of character or a lack of willpower.

Commit to Change

This is where it all begins. This step is the foundation for the others. You can commit to change even before you have a plan.

Set up a Feedback System

There are many ways to do this, from simple to sophisticated. You can mark your calendar each time you perform a new behavior. Make a chart and mark each day. Ask others to share when they notice you reverting to old behavior. Grade or rate self. You can monitor mood or how well you’re adhering to the new habit. Rate yourself from -10 – 10+, to give a sense of change or measurement.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Be gracious and get to work. When off track, just notice and hold yourself accountable. Renew your commitment to your goal. Make sure the motivation for the goal is rooted in values.


Reward yourself. Each time you see progress toward healthy change, rejoice! The more appreciation you send your way, the quicker will be the change. Change that comes from a place of genuine love will always be more lasting.

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