An Open Letter to My Fellow Instructors

An Open Letter to My Fellow Instructors

Dear Friends,

Reading the latest Teacher Community Corner, I was stunned to discover that there are 1,100 certified instructors worldwide. I thought our numbers were in the thousands. Plural. There are 7.8 billion people on the planet. We are an incalculably small number, yet look at how strong we are!

When only one student shows up for class, remind yourself that you are a First Responder. Yoga and Pilates have been around for 3,000 and 100 years, respectively. Miranda, the Original Gangsta and Goddess of All Time, has done a spectacular job of spreading the word in an age where everyone has a microphone.

Did you know she doesn’t get a dime for the PBS series? I didn’t either! All the travel, pre and post production costs come out of Essentrics. Not to mention the extraordinary amount of time and effort. She does that for us, to increase brand awareness.

While we are on the subject, let’s talk about training. It’s a top priority for the organization despite it being a drain on the coffers. ETV keeps the program afloat. Bet you didn’t know that, either. I didn’t.

Essentrics is in for the long haul. We are all “early pioneers” of this modality. And, if we do our part, it will continue to grow long after we’re gone. While each of us sets out to spread the gospel like missionaries on steroids, rest assured that Team Miranda is doing the same.

A marketing initiative will launch in the fall insuring instructors continue to thrive. This past year funds were deployed toward paid ads on Instagram/Facebook and a reputable NY agency was hired to redesign the brand. We’re just getting started, folks.

It’s easy to feel like a small voice in a raging sea. Know that you are not alone. “Invisible” forces (staff members we’ll never meet) are lifting each and everyone one of us so that we may rise to our greatest potential as instructors.

I’m proud to be a pioneer of Essentrics and grateful to be among the few and mighty.

With love and support,


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