What Lights Me Up

What Lights Me Up


Nature is my greatest teacher. Watching a plant rise from seed is an awe-inspiring definition of hope. I like that nature is tough yet forgiving, beautiful and fierce. In addition to my clinical training, I’m a certified plant-based chef. When I’m not teaching, chances are I’m out in the garden, in the kitchen or playing with my Canon Rebel.


I like to help people remember that it’s good to be alive. I take the work seriously while honoring the importance of levity. Like you, I do the work and understand the difficulty of managing stress while maintaining balance.

My interest in health has exposed me to an array of tools. Yoga, brain science, parts work, addiction, neurobiology, and nutrition all inform my style of healing. In turn, I pass these tools onto you.

Bottom line: I want us all to live with ease and grace inside a body that’s glad to be alive.


Discovering new ways to approach health and wellness has become an unexpected passion for me. The best place to see what I’m currently excited about is my blog, the heart of the website, the place that is most alive and best reflects what lights me up.

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