Is there a contract?

The only commitment is to yourself. Every body is unique. How long it takes to rebalance your body will depend on your needs.

Having a partner in health will help. You’re much more likely to exercise when someone is counting on you. If you are unable to rally a health partner, I’ll do my best to line you up with one.

As for length of commitment, that depends on the individual. Essentrics™ is a rebalancing program. Some will restore alignment after a few sessions. Others will need months to recover their range of motion. Additionally, as your body awareness deepens, you may decide to book a private class to further learn about your body.

To get started you’ll receive the best results coming twice a week, for a month. This allows yourself to get familiar with the format. In the process, your body awareness will increase dramatically. From there, you decide what feels right. There is no contract or obligation.

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