What happens in a session?

Connect, Move, Relax

While Mindful Essentrics is a movement class, every session begins with joining. We connect before transitioning to movement. During this time, you’ll get attuned with your body and what it needs for the session.

The movement portion is similar to Tai Chi, in that we are constantly moving. I will describe where you should be feeling the movement and why it’s beneficial. Receiving this information experientially is what deepens body awareness.

After we move, we relax into a supportive Yin Yoga posture. It’s a powerful practice in receiving, as well as a study of what gets in the way. This meditative energy is then carried over into a few minutes of Free Flow Writing that ends the session.

Throughout class, I’ll guide you to tune in, listen and hear what your body is saying. The goal is for you to have a fully embodied experience of self.

Additionally skills include:

Breathing techniques to bring balance to the nervous system

Postures to learn to listen to your body and develop strength, flexibility, and ease

Mindfulness and compassion techniques to improve your relationship to thoughts, feelings, and behavioral change

Lifestyle tools to improve quality of living

The process of discerning and listening to your body is a skill. Here is where you practice it.

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