What happens in a session?

What happens in a session?

Invite Awareness

While no two sessions are the same, Mindful Embodied Therapy often begins with noticing what is happening in the body. Whether it be a thought, feeling or sensation – we begin by settling into awareness.

Rather than thinking and talking about that event, I will invite you to notice your experience. From there, you may practice a body based skill for emotion regulation and/or you may explore that body sensation further with movement.

Explore the Edge

I guide clients to find their edge and lean into discomfort. To help explore I’ll ask, “What is the sensation of that discomfort? Where do you feel it in your body?” In the beginning, it may be hard to tell. The process of discerning and listening to your body is a critical one. Over time, they might respond with statements like:

            “My heart is pounding in my chest.”
            “My gut is clenching.”
            “I want to run…get out of here…not deal with this.”
            “I think you’re going to judge me.”
            “I feel like I’ve done something wrong.”
            “It feels like sadness, like I might cry.”

Skills, Tools and Techniques

Some skills you might practice are breath work, meditation, mantra, and restorative yoga postures. I’ll guide you to tune in, listen and hear what your body is saying. If material surfaced, we’ll process it before exploring more.

Additionally skills include:

Breathing techniques to bring balance to the nervous system

Postures to learn to listen to your body and develop strength, flexibility, and ease

Mantras and guided visualization to focus the mind, develop insight, rest the body, and build resources

Mindfulness and compassion techniques to improve your relationship to thoughts, feelings, and behavioral change

Lifestyle tools to improve quality of living

As in traditional therapy, there is processing, joining, insight and, sometimes, homework to further deepen therapeutic gains.

Follow up

After most sessions, I’ll send you supplemental material to use at your own pace. This material deepens over time. In the beginning it covers basics like sleep and nutrition. As the work progresses, the material deepens to include “right living” or how to deepen your spiritual practice. Each session is unique and tailored to fit your present-moment needs.

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