What is Essentrics™?

What is Essentrics™?

Essentrics™ is a full-body rebalancing program that works all 650 muscles by simultaneously lengthening and strengthening them. Think of it as the love child between Tai Chi and ballet.

The movements are large and slow, which loosens all the cobwebs in your body. Those “cobwebs” are sheets of connective tissue that need to move to remain pliable. The trademark movements of Essentrics™ are backed by latest findings in kinesiology and neurobiology.

Essentrics™ is what you do every day if you want to garden, dance, ski, pick up your grandkids, dress yourself in the morning and walk up stairs on your own. In other words, if you want to maintain range of motion you have to move all your joints – the same way you let your teeth know you want them by brushing at night.

Our vitality is inversely linked to the tension we hold in our body. Loss of mobility is not a byproduct of aging. It’s a sign of miseducation. Movement must become part our daily routine if we want to age with ease and grace. Essentrics™ makes this task so easy and fun to do!

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