What is Essentrics?

What is Essentrics?

Essentrics® is a full-body rebalancing program created by Miranda Esmonde-White. It has the strengthening of dance training, the smooth constant movement of Tai Chi, and the scientific focus of physical therapy. An Essentrics® workout helps tone and shape, as well as improve flexibility and relieve tension.

The movements are large, slow and fluid. Take a moment and imagine doing the breaststroke in slow motion. Feel how it lubricates and liberates the shoulder joints? We need to move our joints daily through their full range of motion in order to loosen tissues and liberate joints. It’s the classic “use or lose it” scenario.

Basically, Essentrics® is what you do every day if you want to keep gardening, dancing, skiing, picking up your grandkids, dressing yourself in the morning and walking upstairs on your own. Just as we let our teeth know we want them by brushing, we let our body know we want to age with strength and grace by moving all 650 muscles and 360 joints daily.

This type of training aims to strengthen and stretch the muscles simultaneously, which allows you to develop a toned and slender silhouette, as well as a flexible and agile body. Essentrics also helps prevent injury, reduce chronic pain and improve posture.

Loss of mobility is not an inevitability. It’s a message to rebalance the body. Human beings are designed to move. When we don’t, our bodies get stiff, tight and locked. It’s the conundrum of modern life, not aging. Essentrics® is the movement manual on how to heal, reclaim and maintain our strength and full range of motion well into our golden years.

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