Why Essentrics?

Why Essentrics?

We sculpt our body every day of our lives in the way that we hold them. Many of the symptoms of aging – stiffness, poor posture, reduced mobility, limited range of motion – actually have their root in connective tissue problems. Keeping our tissues, or fascia, supple and resilient is critical to helping our entire body remain healthy, youthful, and vibrant as we age.

Atrophy is a very slow process through which a healthy cell gradually shrinks until it shrivels out. As the tissues shrink, so does tens of thousands of mitochondria. It can happen to anyone at any age, from children to seniors. Immobility is the primary cause and gentle, daily movement is the healing medicine.

Few things are better than feeling good in our bodies and Essentrics® helps make that happen. The slow, dynamic, full-range movements engage, stretch, and hydrate our connective tissues as very few other programs do.

Your body has strong, regenerative powers. It wants to move and will reward you for doing so. Moving slowly through our full range of motion lubricates the fascia and joints. As the fascia is hydrated, tension within the joint releases.

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