Spring Cleaning, II

Spring Cleaning, II

In a previous post (“Spring Cleaning“) we talked about the benefits of temporarily eliminating congesting foods from the diet. This is important on many levels regarding health, well-being and preventative medicine. From the standpoint of mental health, the stronger the house (body) the stronger the foundation (constitution).

When we are under stress the body sends out the epinephrine and cortisol army, what are known as stress hormones. Stress relieving techniques such as meditation, peaceful walks, or gardening can help lower mental fatigue by increasing the happy hormones of oxytocin and dopamine. 

Pick up the pace on that peaceful walk and you aid well-being in the form of exercise.  Drink lots of water when you get home and your hard working kidneys will love you for it by flushing out toxins.

A favorite form of detox during these still chilly days is sitting in a sauna.  Sweating is a great detoxifier. An estimated 30% of the body’s wastes are eliminated via the skin each day. As always, if you have a health condition consult your health practitioner first.

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