Present Beauty

Present Beauty

As we grow older, it becomes clear that balance is the key to health. The hope is that our inner and outer worlds gradually come into alignment and whatever emotional healing that needed to occur to live happy, productive lives will have happened. At least, that’s the hope.

The reality is that happiness often eludes us by habitually being elsewhere rather than in the present moment. Particularly when we’re busy, it’s easy to miss out on appreciating life’s small pleasures like the taste of food or the colors of a sunset. Yesterday at the park, my four-year old said “Aw, the smell of fresh air and breeze on my face!” Aside from being hilarious, he was sincere.

There are many ways to become more mindful and gain greater balance. By taking time to pause or meditate, to breathe and mellow out, we become more attuned to the moment. In doing so, time seems to expand which allows us to approach tasks with a more peaceful heart, open mind, and relaxed attitude.

When we are in balance, we see the best in every situation and feel grateful. Our hearts are at peace. The Navajos have a lovely phrase to describe this balance. They call it “walking in beauty.”

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