Flowing with Nature

Flowing with Nature

The force of nature is powerful and we are made of it! If in doubt, just watch a child. These beautiful beings are pure forces of nature with their strong wills, flexible limbs and intuitive minds. They have ease and joy in their movements. If you can see these qualities in a child, they are still alive in you. Health and harmony is your birthright.

That’s because life force is within us at all times. It may be but a dim, flickering light – but that’s all we need to ignite and bring it roaring back to life. As long as you are breathing, it’s not too late to reclaim your right to vital living. The only caveat is that it will require a deep perceptual shift.

Most of us were born into a denatured culture. Artificial has become the norm and is being passed along generationally. Our children are losing their energy to diseases that have previously afflicted adults only. If we are to renew our vitality, we must (re)align ourselves with nature instead of against it.

Work at it gradually and over time healthier ways of being will just be a part of your life. Start simple. Eat food close to the ground. Ritualize sleep. Move your body and still your mind. Breathe fresh air. Make time for fun and spend some with family.

Don’t wait for the research to confirm what you intuitively already know. Health is about restoring a state of harmony. The more we are able to flow with nature, the greater our grace and vitality.

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