Filling the Reservoir

Filling the Reservoir

Among our birthrights as human beings is the experience of joy. It comes in many forms and reigns whenever positive emotions like love, gratitude, serenity, interest, and inspiration open your heart.

Think of the times you feel connected to and loved by others; when you feel playful, creative, or silly; when you feel blessed and at one with your surroundings; when your soul is stirred by the sheer beauty of existence; or when you feel energized and excited by a new idea or hobby.

We are born with this inner well-spring of positivity. It’s our innate source of growth and resiliency. The best part is that this active ingredient is endlessly renewed with continued use. That means, the more you seek out positive experiences the deeper your reservoir becomes.

If you want to reshape your life for the better, the secret is to not grasp at these fleeting positive moments. Instead, become an opportunist with a keen eye for creating more of it in your life. When it comes to positive experiences, quantity matters.

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