The Gift of Celebrating Others

The Gift of Celebrating Others

Life would be meaningless where it not for our connection to others. It is the measure by which we are truly blessed. Because the power of love is in the resonance, connection requires intention and one of the best ways to hone it is by celebrating others.

It can be as simple as a birthday card in the mail or sincerely asking someone about their latest interest. But if you want the biggest bang from your resonance buck, make a celebration visit.

This form of love is inspired by Martin Seligman, the grand master of positive psychology. He suggests that by making a “gratitude visit” we can increases happiness. The exercise involves writing a thank you note to someone you feel gratitude toward and reading it to them in person.

In keeping with this idea, write a letter that celebrates the traits of someone close to you. All of us have qualities worth celebrating like courage, kindness, wit, compassion, loyalty, determination, spunk, etc. Pick a few and let your heart flow.

The act of writing the letter alone will boost your love quotient. Now imagine setting aside time to read the letter to your special person, not only thanking them but truly celebrating the miracle of their life. Get ready for a love bomb explosion!

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