Mind/Body Healer

Mind/Body Healer

Juice Master

Before entering the field of therapy, among a variety of careers, I was a whole/living foods chef. I use the term “chef” loosely, as I was really just a passionate self-taught, health-nut who was lucky enough to get paid to do what she loved.

Since I knew more about healing through nutrition, early posts on my primitive blog were recipe based. Though I never revealed it, I felt a bit silly and worried that others wouldn’t take me seriously as a therapist. Over time, posts began reflecting the experience I was gaining in the room and eventually outnumbered the recipes. I had arrived.

But a funny thing happened on my way to becoming a therapist. I found myself, again, which means I worry less about what others think. I know mind cannot be separated from body or soul. They’re synergistic and I’m okay with that. So today, I decided to stop hiding.

“Hi! My name is Kerry and I’m a holistic therapist.”

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