What is health?

What is health?

“What is health?” During internship my supervisor would ask me this whenever I got stumped. As a former body worker and whole foods chef, it was the perfect guiding question for a budding mind/body therapist.

Take a moment and ask yourself what health means to you. Notice how many answers are informed by market place notions of youth and beauty. True health is an internal state reflected in mind and body. We can’t nourish one while ignoring the other.

Knowing the connection between mind, body and soul puts us in a good position to care for our “future self” who will need vibrant health and vitality most of all. The trick is putting the knowledge into action. This might seem obvious, but one of the biggest obstacles to change is habit.

The secret to changing yourself is changing what you value. This shift is often facilitated by an uncomfortable awakening such as chronic pain or finding yourself doing something you said you wouldn’t do, again. Be honest with yourself, but also kind. Your health and vitality are worth it.

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