“Fed Up”

“Fed Up”

[Spoiler Alert: This is a rant against sugar based on the doc “Fed Up.”]

Watching the documentary “Fed Up” got me fired up about sugar – again. Even if you’re a health food junkie, “Fed Up” will change your views of why we are getting fatter and unhealthier as a nation and how it affects future generations.

It all started in the 1970’s when reduced fat items were created. The problem is that fat free food tastes terrible. The industry cleverly solved this by adding sugar. Little did we know, this was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When we consume more sugar than our body can metabolize, the liver stores it as fat. Since those empty calories are devoid of nutritional value, our satiation neurons never get fired leaving us feeling “unfulfilled.” So we eat more.

Sugar also ramps our blood glucose levels then immediately drops it, causing us to crave more. The obese kids profiled in “Fed Up” are not lacking willpower. They were addicted to sugar before they had a choice and have my respect for their willingness to show the world the results of this diet.

The tragedy is that big food producers want to keep us addicted and have lobbyist working overtime to insure that we are. Companies like PepsiCo and Coca-Cola now supply more than half our public schools with fast food. The result? Our kids are the first generation in 200 years who will live shorter lives than their parents.

Since 2000, obesity has overtaken tobacco as our country’s leading cause of death. In six years, 20% of all health care spending will be on obesity related conditions. These are startling statistics. While none of us signed on to struggle with obesity, heart-disease, or diabetes – it is our issue to resolve.

Thankfully, we can experience a different kind of sweetness that comes from taking charge of our health. The time is now. Say no to processed, sugar-laden junk and “Yes!” to fresh, whole foods and get ready for better sleep, clearer skin, increased energy and greater vitality.

What have you got to lose?

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