We Are Made For Love

We Are Made For Love

Love is a product of human evolution and an integral part of our survival. This body of ours is a tremendous gift and great intelligence. From birth, our bodies knew how to seek out affection and to gain pleasure and sustenance from it.

The primary language of the body is touch. Yet, “civilized” culture tempts us to turn away from our animal origins, to divorce ourselves from the rat pups that wrestle by day and drift peacefully to sleep in a heaping pile at night.

These ancient, animal forms of connection, enacted through touch and mutual care, still live within us. Science now reveals that when we become attuned to our body’s definition of love, our cells get the message that it’s time to thrive.

The world we face each day will forever present us with a wild mix of good and bad news. By nature’s design, our body is equipped to handle it all – to defend against true threats and to uncover and create nourishing moments of love.

The experience of love can be as simple as a shared smile with a stranger. By tuning into and seeking out mini moments of positive connection, we nourish ourselves from the inside out. Love is not a feeling reserved for friends and family alone. It is a way of being.

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