Connect With Others

Connect With Others

Flourishing is not a solo endeavor, it requires connection. Nobody reaches their full potential in isolation. Every person who flourishes has warm and trusting relationships with other people – whether it’s a spouse, lover, close friend, family member or all of the above. Comparatively, people who flourish spend more time each day with those they love and less time alone.

So connect with others, every day, no matter what. Even if you’re not naturally an outgoing person, act like you are. Research shows that “acting as if” can help create profound change. If you act engaging and energetic, you’ll attract similar interactions with others.

Basically, it’s about saying yes to life. Yes, I will let you in. Yes, I am afraid. Yes, we need each other. Yes, this makes me nervous. And, yes, I think you’re great too.

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2 thoughts on “Connect With Others”

  • As an introvert, I struggle with “acting as if.” Depending on how comfortable someone feels around others, social networking (facebook, twitter, experienceproject, etc.) can be a comforting face-to-face supplement and another means of building trust.

  • I hadn’t thought about the introvert/extrovert continuum until a friend made a similar comment on my “Portland Therapist” Facebook blog. It’s a good point and I like your way of looking at it. So many answers to the riddles of life start with “it depends!”

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