Connecting for Survival

Connecting for Survival

We come into this world with a need for belonging and depend upon each other emotionally to survive. Loneliness is intolerable and can only be endured if we deny voice to our feelings. But when we cut off access to our emotions, we systematically and incrementally disconnect from ourselves.

So basic is our need for human connection, that we will find any means necessary to keep it. Think of a child misbehaving. More often than not, it’s just a desperate attempt to be seen.

Over time, whatever works will prevail. Some folks move toward others to create attachment, while others move away or against. The sweet spot is somewhere in harmony between self, others and the environment.

By tolerating the discomfort of disconnection, we stay grounded in our Self and are in position to stay connected to others. It’s the irony of life. Ultimately, we are each alone yet knowing we’re in it together is what makes it all worthwhile.

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