Speed of Life

Speed of Life

The Slow Food movement began as an alternative to fast-food. It was a call for local ingredients, thoughtfully prepared and eaten with pleasure. Based on this wisdom, I’m advocating we start a Slow Life movement where the quality of life is determined by the depth of our connections.

Our society is habituated to busyness. We’re overstimulated yet easily bored. Attention spans are short. Tempers even shorter. It’s difficult to see our many tasks through the end, creating a nagging feeling of incompleteness.

Meaningful connection is the first thing to go when living in a state of time deprivation. There was a time when we were surrounded by friends and family, often under the same roof, but our fast pace life has weakened these relations. The Slow Life is about about creating a culture of connection.

This week, notice how much you rush yourself. With gentle awareness, look at how others are affected. Feel the pull to be busy or stay preoccupied. Rather than hustling, take a breath, look around and see what you can change to slow life down.

Eat quietly while taking in the sounds around you. Make eye contact when talking and really listen. Read a good book. Cuddle. Once you’re open to it, you’ll find many opportunities to slow down and savor your life.

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