All of You Is Welcome

All of You Is Welcome

Feelings are the physical expression of our conscious and unconscious emotions. If we ward them off or attribute them to others, we miss a golden opportunity to know ourselves more deeply.

Truth is, we avoid what we don’t like. This behavior is coded in our DNA and is a significant part of our survival mechanism. By relegating our feelings to refugee status, we fail to experience our inner largeness.

Thankfully, those exiled feelings find their way back to us. Yes this is a good thing.

This is most evident in our close relationships. Such as when my son mimics “mommy’s grumpy face.” He’s not doing it to be mean. He’s reflecting what he sees, though I doubt it’s nearly as cute on me.

It is a gift to be shown our disowned parts, because it’s another chance to be the most realized version of our selves. So the next time you have the impulse to run and hide, pause and gently say to yourself, “All is welcome.”

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