Tapping Your Potential

Tapping Your Potential

Vibrant health is dynamic and multifaceted. Research shows a connection between body, mind and spirit, yet they continue to be treated separately.

For example, soul is thought by many to be the exclusive province of religion. When in fact it extends beyond that to include energy, essence, as well as a nonphysical, perpetually-present witness state.

Consider the simple act of giving “thanks.” As the body relaxes in gratitude, it signals to the digestive system that it’s time to work. Focusing on the food allows the mind to slow down, which helps calms the nervous system.

There is so much untapped potential. By remaining open and willing to make changes across the spectrum, no matter how small, you release the healing powers. It’s our birthright to live a long, strong and vital life – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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