Rewiring Joy

Rewiring Joy

Thanks to neuroscience, we now know the brain is “plastic.” This simply means we can change. With enough effort, skill and time a person can do a lot to overcome the effects of painful experiences.

To survive, our ancestors had to be good at learning from bad experiences. This skill developed into what researchers call the negativity bias.

Because negativity has the home advantage, we need more “good times” to offset the imbalance. These experiences must be held long enough to get encoded in long-term storage.

Deciding to reshape one’s brain by intentionally taking in the good, one thought or experience at a time, begins with a conscious decision.

It’s easy to dismiss the positive as powder puff. In truth, the savoring of positive moments is the building blocks of emotional-regulation, secure attachment, and self-esteem.

Like a muscle, we grow our inner strengths by having repeated experiences of them – the more the better. So get out there and flex your love and gratitude. It does a body good.

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