Children of Nature

Children of Nature

We are children of nature. And our brains are proof. Developed over the last few millennia to help us navigate in a natural environment, we are wired for survival. Cave dwellers at heart and farmers at best. We have yet to catch up to the advances of technology.

Gadgets are great. The convenience of texting and tweeting have made them the new gold standard of communication; while digital media has literally brought the whole world in our hands. Consequently, we are also perpetually “on,” saturated with information and multitasking like never before.

This is not an argument against modernity, but rather a plea for sanity.

Mounting evidence shows a strong correlation between modern living and depression/anxiety. As people become more prosperous, they become more isolated. Before air conditioning, Internet and email, we had to deal with each other and our interpersonal issues face to face. That’s a good thing.

Nowadays we’re encouraged to relate differently independent of our physical reality. Our logical brain is on board and hitting the gas for more. It’s our limbic brain that is holding on for dear life.

One way to slow the crazy is to invite awareness into daily tasks. Touch base with nature as often as possible. Make eye contact with others. Check in with your emotions and watch the allure of distraction. And if all you’ve got is a few minutes, breathing is excellent way to spend it.

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