Our Innate Wisdom

Our Innate Wisdom

Each of us was born with the perfected wisdom of the awakened mind. We ate when hungry, slept when tired and laughed when playful. By the same miracle that we forget the memories of birth, do we gradually forget the truth of our being.

In forgetting who we are, we must endure the struggle to find out. Like a twisted rite of passage, the striving to feel whole fights against our natural knowing. We don’t believe we’re enough.

Thankfully our bodies are an inexhaustible wisdom that can be reawakened at any time. We just have to listen. That’s why caring for the body is so important to healing mind and soul.

When we feel good in our bodies, we are in position to listen. Am I hungry or bored? Do I need caffeine or more sleep? Will that heal me or hurt me? The body already knows.

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