Fill ‘er Up

Fill ‘er Up

Brené Brown consistently delivers whole-hearted, thought-provoking material that helps women in their journey of personal growth and self-acceptance. Here she interviews Oprah Winfrey in classic researcher style, asking pointed questions on tender subjects.

On the topic of shame, Oprah shared how she learned to overcome the diminishing question “Who do you think you are?”

Instead of shrinking from self-judgment and aligning with the critic, she owns her largeness (both literally and metaphysically) and works hard at being full. “I want to be so full that I am over flowing!”

If you’ve ever been told that you’re “too big” or have felt the subtle accusation that you’re not enough, pause for a moment and take that in.

To be a vessel that is full and forever filling with love, appreciation and healthy pride is our birthright. It’s also our duty – to be so full that we give others permission to do the same, unabashedly, because there is enough for us all.

On this eve of Thanksgiving, one of my many wishes for you is to own your fullness “without ego, without arrogance but with an amazing sense of gratitude.” This is your life. Go out there and shine.

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