Embracing the Feminine

Embracing the Feminine

We western women live in a masculine world. The American ethos of “rugged individualism” favors force, action and dominance. As a result the inherent strengths of women have been marginalized as weak and insufficient to “get the job done.” Knowing our ability, we adopted the masculine way. And in the beginning it was a source of pride for women to demonstrate their strength.

Not only did Rosie the Riveter “bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan.” She took care of the kids, mowed the lawn, cleaned the house, made the meals and was expected to “never, ever letting you forget you’re a man.”

Reclaim Your Essence

Well I’m here to say that women have amply proven themselves as strong and capable and it’s time to give permission to be your soft, radiant, fun-loving, sexy self and release some of the ingrained male energy we’ve been carrying around.

Ladies, the time has come to reclaim our feminine power. We have proven our worth again and again by donning our proverbial boots. It’s time to pull out the stilettos – or whatever tickles your fancy, don’t get stuck on the metaphor – and embrace the unique qualities and strengths of women.

So many of us hit the ground running each morning. Every time we do, we set the pace for our day in masculine mode. Breaking this pattern is not be easy. You will be pushing against ingrained patterns, familial expectations and unconscious beliefs. But the alternative is no walk in the park either: exhaustion, overwhelm and resentment are all signs of living out of balance.

Permission To Celebrate You!

Like many women, I lost touch with my feminine power by living more and more from my masculine energy. I know I’m not alone. The time has come for us to collectively support one another in celebrating the feminine.

We women are like diamonds: beautiful, brilliant, clear, multi-faceted with incredible strength and inherent value. We’re also like water: yielding, soft, receptive, responsive and oh so powerful.

All these beautiful facets are within you ready to blossom, once again. If they aren’t already at the surface, you may have to dig deep to find them. As you do, trust that the essence of who you are is there and has been there patiently waiting for you to reclaim it.

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