Let It Go!

Let It Go!

It is the ability to find gratitude that helps us move through challenges time and time again. Gratitude helps us find our strength, open our hearts and experience the fullness of our lives. It liberates us from the prison of small mind/ego.

The good news is you don’t have to lose everything you hold dear to find it. Gratitude is a practice, which means it can be learned. Forty-percent of our satisfaction with life is determined by our choices and behavior. In other words, that which we nourish will flourish.

Look back to a difficult time in your life. Reflect on what experiences you are now grateful for that occurred during this challenging time. Think of ways you are stronger, wiser or more skillful from this experience.

Life will always throw us a wrench. Sometimes we catch it and feel great. Other times it bonks us on the head when we least expect it.  Feeling dazed and confused, we sometimes make less than helpful decisions. There is no shame in it. That’s life. Learn from it and then let it go.

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