Choose Health

Choose Health

One of my favorite childhood cartoons was a propaganda piece that taught kids how to make healthy food choices. A squatty, smart aleck named Ol’ Timer proselytized “you are what you eat from head down to your feet!” The tune was catchy and I’d find myself singing it mindlessly while happily eating a bag of doughnuts.

Fast forward forty years and I’m still singing the same tune, minus the doughnuts. That’s because the mind is inseparable from the body. What we feed it invariably affect our mental as well as physical health. Sugar, for example, causes the body to secrete insulin – a master hormone. When our insulin levels get too high, it throws the other hormones out of whack.

Health is a delicate balance between body, mind, and soul. As “woo-woo” as that sounds, you know it’s true. The more committed we are to a healthy lifestyle, the greater our resources will be during times of stress. Period.

Before you get out of bed, decide which health-promoting practices will be non-negotiable for the day. Maybe it’s three minutes of deep breathing followed by some toe touches, or perhaps today you’ll upgrade that bowl of cereal for a delicious green smoothie. Start small. The goal is to create healthy choices that will last a lifetime.

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