How to Become a Spiritual Master in a Day

How to Become a Spiritual Master in a Day

The following is an ancient teaching over 20,000 years old on how to become a spiritual master in a day. It will surprise you in its simplicity:

Do three kind actions in a day. Go out of your way to do them and don’t tell anyone or expect anything in return.

Your mind is likely thinking, “Wait a minute. What’s the catch?” The only one is that you have to do it. Thinking about helping that elderly person cross the street doesn’t cut it. You have to do it.

Take the challenge for week. Don’t over think it. Just do three kind things in one day and go out of your way to do them. Don’t tell anyone and don’t expect anything. This could be picking up a piece of trash, giving money to a homeless person, writing a kind letter to a friend, listening deeply to someone, or any other kind gesture. Even asking someone their name and remembering it is an act of kindness.

If you do this for one week, there is a good chance the universe will give you a wink to let you know you’re on the right track. Becoming a spiritual master in a day is a choice to act or stay passive. That’s it. The choice is yours.

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