Looking for Some Free Yoga?

Looking for Some Free Yoga?

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I love yoga. Especially free yoga. 🙂

Yin yoga, in particular, is my favorite as it is ideally suited for deep growth and healing. Not only that, it is a sneaky way to practice mindfulness in action. We use the posture to get into the mind. In the early stages of the practice, the strongest noticeable sensations will likely be physical ones. Over time, you may also notice emotional, psychological, or even energetic sensations. Be curious and stay with whatever arises.

Yin Yoga breaks up stagnant energy with fibroblasts of hyaluronic acid. This occurs when tension is sustained on our joints for certain length of time. The release of each posture sends a stream of new energy through the system. This “energy,” also known as qi or prana, takes us deeper into ourselves. As we quiet and deepen, we become more mindful.

Free Yoga from Real People

While the ideal situation is to practice within a community, it’s not a deal breaker if you can’t. The internet is loaded with free yoga. My personal favorite online instructor is Melissa West. She really lives her yoga. Her approach is accessible with loads of modifications to keep you safe. If fact, her tagline is “Real Yoga, For Real People.” I highly recommend her classes. Additionally, if you are seeking community she has a vibrant one you can join for nominal fee.

Another favorite is Adriene. She is an enchantingly charming instructor who often has her favorite yogi by her side, her dog, Benji. If you’re unfamiliar with either of one of these truly fabulous people, grab a blanket and pillow and get ready to smile.

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