Yoga as a Life Practice

Yoga as a Life Practice

Habituate It!

A life practice is anything we do over an extended period of time that reliably deepens the connection to our experience and expression of aliveness. While yoga offers a plethora of formal practices, almost any activity can be used as a spiritual/life practice if it reconnects us with the source of our aliveness.

The soul is quite clever in its endeavors. It has mad skills that lures us to paint, sing, dance, build sanctuaries, plant gardens, raise children, write poetry, climb mountains, and all the other things humans do to discover themselves in life.

The beauty of yoga, in particular, is that it creates a situation in which relaxing into life becomes the norm. The ritual of setting aside time and finding a quiet place reminds of who we really are. We establish a calm, abiding center. This in turn helps us become more resilient, tolerant, and accepting of the inevitable losses of life.

We Are What We Practice

The purpose of a formal practice time is to dial in inner peace. Daily practice provides a context in which we can gradually awaken to ourselves as we are. We’re not working toward a new and improved self. When we commit to a practice, we are signing up for a lifelong apprenticeship with our Self.

Take heart in knowing spiritual masters and devoted practitioners floundered just as we do. Like us, they had trouble getting out of bed, ate too much, lacked confidence and struggled to find motivation. They forgot what they learned, slipped into self-defeating behavior and also didn’t get what they were learning.

Live Your Yoga

Of all the qualities that can transform a life practice, gratitude and faith rule the day. These two noble attributes are essential and transformative. Gratitude is bonafide superpower. Being grateful has a way of opening up our hearts and minds to the goodness surrounding us. Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something. The moment we sit and slowly stretch our limbs, or enter deep reflection, we give credence to kindness. More importantly, we become what we practice.

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